March 19, 2020

Aries is the gateway into a new season, the birthplace of ideas, the seed of consciousness that sprouts new growth. As we collectively navigate tender times, the vernal equinox represents a time of bringing what’s been out of balance back into equilibrium, accelerating spiritual momentum, activating our inner warrior and place of personal power- our solar plexus.

As a cardinal fire sign operating solely off willpower, Aries serves as a beacon of warmth to break up the old and simultaneously initiate a new cycle. Many of us are experiencing a sincere awakening, a remembering of our forgotten wisdom and gifts, seeds implanted many lifetimes ago are re-emerging, coded with miraculous information designed for these times. 

The profound shift that occurs from Pisces to Aries season symbolizes the delicate journey of spirit incarnating into the physical body. Aries season is here to helps us ground into our human experience on this earth plane. Often depicted as...

March 8, 2020

As we come to our final lunation of the celestial year, we arrive in a space of endings, new beginnings and total immersion of mind body spirit. Virgo is a purifying energy. she is often depicted as the archetypal wheat goddess sifting through seeds determining which ones she wants to nurture and devote herself to when it comes time to plant in Aries season.


sorting seeds organizing and discerning what is useful is just the medicine we need as we wrap up the dissolution of old identities & roles we once held. seeds are symbolic for pure potentiality & new growth as we decide what’s truly important in our lives and if it holds a proper supporting function into our personal trajectory. perhaps you feel you have to make a challenging decision that’s weighing on your heart. Heed that call and know that it’s possible to part ways with loving compassion and dignity.


we have reached a high cultivation point having experienced rapid acceleration, many changes and upgrades have occurred. cu...

January 18, 2020

This post is for me to share books that I recommend~

One of the most important aspects for delineating the soul's purpose is found in the sign your North Node resides in. Each chapter is about 50 pages long, and it helps to converge the sign along with the house it occupies in your natal chart. "Astrology for the Soul," by Jan Spiller is my most favorite source thus far on the subject. 

                                                           Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller 

We have all twelve zodiac signs in our astrological blue print. Even if we do not have a planet in a particular sign, we can call upon its energy at certain times of our lives. Danielle Blackwood takes you on a deeply mystical yet practical journey through the sacred wheel providing ritualistic tools as to how to work with the guiding goddess archetypes in y...

May 3, 2019


This new moon in Taurus ignites themes of values, self esteem, body image, and self worth. Self love, and self care practices are most important now. Chiron’s recent entrance to your sign supports healing the identity wound. You’re radically shifting perspective on these matters and we all will follow your pioneering lead. New talents and gifts are surfacing into your very being- these are showing up to aid in carrying out your soul mission. Whatever you initiate now sets the groundwork for years to come. You might even take a radical departure from your career, as your purpose comes into focus. Connect to earth’s resources by planting new seeds, walking in nature. The core work you do now stabilizes your future self. Pay attention to what comes up for you as your senses are especially heightened this month.

This is your moon, dear Taurus! What an incredible lunation highlighting themes of self discovery as you radically reinvent who you are.
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