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Pisces Season February 18- March 19th 2024

We have arrived at the last sector of the wheel in our yearly celestial journey. In the realm of Pisces we are working with the archetypes of the mystic, poet, dreamer and empath. Pisces is a sign of boundlessness, inspiration, and surrender. The symbolism of Pisces unifies ︎ earth and spirit realm, blurring the lines between reality and reverie, softening worlds into oneness. After a rough and rather stormy Aquarius season, we are attuning to the energies that align us with faith, longing, and letting go.  There is a complexity about Pisces -as all water signs hold this Frequency of emotional depth, sensitivity and nuance. When life feels draining and grim, Pisces reminds us the occasional escape can help us thaw out and dream into the future. 

The Full moon in Virgo approaching on February 24th serves as a healing balm for the soul. Virgo is the opposite sign and remedy for Pisces. Its a time to Organize inventory and check our vessel for cracks and leaks. We want to maintain healthy boundaries and find soothing ways to support our growth. thanks to saturn, this moon comes with a healthy dose of realism. it also has lovely aspects- a trine to Jupiter gives weight and tangibility to all the dreaminess that abounds. The Virgo/ Pisces axis is about selfless service. finding a way to channel one's suffering into a modality of meaning- whether it be art, music, teaching, writing, or lending an ear to a friend. We can’t save anyone, yet we never know how we will affect another by sharing our gifts. compassion heals. Pisces holds a resonance of closure, we let go of what we cannot control and focus as we prepare for the rebirth that comes with Aries Season. Ruled by mystical Neptune, Pisces encourages us to trust the innate spiritual wisdom of a higher power.

“There are two ways to live your life, one as if nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.” Albert Einstein 


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