May 3, 2019


This new moon in Taurus ignites themes of values, self esteem, body image, and self worth. Self love, and self care practices are most important now. Chiron’s recent entrance to your sign supports healing the identity wound. You’re radically shifting perspective on these matters and we all will follow your pioneering lead. New talents and gifts are surfacing into your very being- these are showing up to aid in carrying out your soul mission. Whatever you initiate now sets the groundwork for years to come. You might even take a radical departure from your career, as your purpose comes into focus. Connect to earth’s resources by planting new seeds, walking in nature. The core work you do now stabilizes your future self. Pay attention to what comes up for you as your senses are especially heightened this month.

This is your moon, dear Taurus! What an incredible lunation highlighting themes of self discovery as you radically reinvent who you are.
You’re being asked to leave...

May 1, 2019

New Moon Taurus 14 Degrees May 4th 3:45 PCT

Connected to the Empress Tarot Card + Beltane where spring is at her peak- a very fertile time of the year to manifest in the physical. 

"The soil is rich and if tended carefully and thoughtfully, the harvest will be abundant." - The fountain Tarot. 

New moons are always about intentions and this one we are journeying through is an exciting change of pace. 

This sun moon conjunction at 14, 14 breaks down to a 55 —vibrating change. Our lunation △'s Saturn, Pluto and the South Node ☋ all in Capricorn. Faith and trust are key here as this aspect between the elimination of the old and building of the new are in perfect harmony. 


Neptune’s fog may influence us still as there is a square he’s making to Mars in Gemini. We want to take action, see our visions manifest in the physical, but we haven’t quite got our bearings yet. Venus in Aries guides us into a self love practice to ground us firmly in this energy. She nurtures us to begin wh...

April 24, 2019

Uranus ♅, my favorite planet, is conjunct the sun ️, ushering in flashes of clarity and sudden unexpected changes to get you out of your ruts.

The sun ☉ is our consciousness and represents our life path in the natal chart. Uranus is our intuitive mind, the higher octave of mercury. He’s the only planet that rotates on his side and opposite orbit of the others, overseeing aquarius. This mirrors our transition from carbon based dna to crystalline. His close orb to the sun brings us out of the fog bestowing many sparkly awakenings to all of us throughout the rest of April. If you are not attuned to Uranus’ energy, he disturbs the comforted, encouraging you to radically shift out of stagnation. Navigate your awakening with patience... by staying in alignment for what is true for you, while being completely open to receiving the new so that all can fall into place. 

Many feel a heightened urge to depart from their current reality to step forth into their new purpose. Uranus, of...

April 24, 2019

Taurus season brings us into a theme of presence, fully engaged and listening to our heart all while tapping into our senses. This recent full moon in libra at 29 degrees opposes Mercury, Chiron, and Venus in Aries, which grounds us in a new place of self acceptance. Once in this place, we can then integrate into our relationships, finding ourselves in a more confident place to honor where we are on the spiral. (We know healing happens in layers and cycles, ebbs and flows.) 

Many partnerships are uniting and merging deeper, coming into co-creation. We find here that we must learn to work with each other and show our support for the ones that have supported us on our journey. We get back what we put out, even if it comes in through an unexpected source, for it is universal law. For those wishing to call on their soulmate/or twinflame- the best we can do is focus on our hearts highest expression and feel into it, even if it’s not yet manifesting in the physical. Taurus is the reminder tha...

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