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Excavating Moon 

Full Moon in Scorpio 4 Degrees

Excavating Moon 

April has been a month of big energies~ eclipses, the Jupiter Uranus conjunction, all while Mercury is retrograde.Taurus season brings the gift of slowing down so we can reflect+ integrate all the catalyzing energies we initiated during Aries season. Tonight, at 4:49 pm pst, we dig in. The full moon sits in the powerful, fixed water sign of Scorpio, inviting us to dive deep.  Just as we thought the dust was settling, a disrupting influence arrives. Scorpio moons carry an intensity that stings with raw truth, leaving us feeling a bit vulnerable and exposed, much like a snake that sheds its outworn skin. There is something that needs to be alchemized through emotional release, not defeatism. This lunation squares Pluto in Aquarius-its work is to excavate any left over residual eclipse debris. Squares are challenging aspects in the cosmos, they cause friction and discomfort with intention to grow, elevate and repair. This moon invites us to create spaciousness to undergo catharsis, the other side promises renewal. 


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