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Esoteric Astrology 101 Course 


Week 1- Introduction + Foundation - What is Astrology and how is the traditional system interlacing more with Esoteric concepts? What is Esoteric Astrology? How can we can apply it to our lives? What purpose does it serve in the Aquarian Age? We will lay down the foundation for this course and start by exploring the Elements + Modalities focusing on the zodiac signs and their archetypes. 

* I will draw up your natal chart for each of you to use and follow along with and to interpret throughout this course. 


Week 2- The Ascendant and its importance in combination with Traditional Astrological and Esoteric rulerships. We will delineate how one's soul mission and purpose unfolds from both a tangible planetary and soul level. 

-Where does one's karma balance out?

-Where does your point of Karmic Growth and Destiny reside? 

-how to course correct if you are feeling lost or off path 

-embodied practices to feel aligned and guided 

Week 3- PLANETS how their force of consciousness plays out in the houses. 

- the difference between inner and outer planets 

-your unique path of self realization in this lifetime

-discover waxing and waning phases of career

-how and where you master yourself and your life's work 

-what are the lessons you will learn through your relationships?

-benefits of illuminating and healing your deepest wound 

-what does your inner child need most? 

-what are your greatest gifts & your collective contribution? 

*weeks 3 -5 will be an in depth layered journey of the planets and houses from both an Exoteric (traditional) and Esoteric Astrological perspective. We will interpret house cusps and how each archetype plays out through these fields of life experiences. 

Week 4- Houses Houses 1-6 + Evolutionary journey of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo + Planetary Rulerships of each sign 

Week 5- Houses 7-12 + Evolutionary journey of Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces + Planetary Rulerships of each sign 

Week 6- Aspects- The relationship between the planets in your chart and their agenda. What are the most important aspects and patterns to pay attention to and why? 

-We will break down the complexity of aspects and build upon them in a fun and simplified way~ 

-how does one resolve challenging aspects?

-shadow vs. harmonious energy dynamics 


Week 7 & 8- Transits- Where is your evolution, trasnformation and expansion taking place? What part of self are you developing most? 

-How certain critical cycles allow us to access higher powers (which reflect our own inner powers) at different times of our lives.

-How to connect to your natural rhythm by honoring themes, current + upcoming energies of planetary influences. 

-Planets that correlate with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual activations 

-What it means when a planet is stationed retrograde in a certain sector of your chart. 

Week 9- Solar Return Charts (birth day charts) + Lunar Progressions + Moon Phases  

-begin flow of Interpretation

Week 10- Deeper Flow of Interpretation & how to hone in on your intuitive nudges for delineating the chart + Structured layout and tips on how to read for others if you wish to do so + Exploratory Questions 

Week 11 + 12 - Chart Clinic + Defining Gifts- We will define your Niche and style is when it comes to how you read and a birth chart and structure your offerings. These two weeks focus on strengthening your confidence and intuition in ways that supports you best. 

To know yourself is really the groundwork for this ascension process. Knowledge of your soul imprint is a profound tool for self discovery as we focus on archetypal and esoteric astrology in this course. Collectively, and individually we are navigating some of the potent energies since the timelines of Atlantis and Lemuria! Astrology helps us best adapt to the massive shifts we are experiencing by providing the most unique framework on how to best exercise your free will. In these 9 weeks, we will explore your chart, delineate your soul mission, and life path. My goal is to empower, to practically earth cosmic knowledge into being your own guru, guide and healer! 

Zodiac Chart

This group course will start Sunday March 26 at 10:30 am PCT and is formatted around meeting once a week for about two hours with a break. This is perfectly designed for an intimate experience, as I will use charts of those who join as examples to learn from. I do offer this course privately on a one to one basis, so please inquire within if you are interested. Payment plans available upon request! Each class will be recorded and then emailed straight to your inbox for you to always have as reference. I look forward to diving deep with you!

With utmost Gratitude & Love,


When registering for the course it will prompt you to enter the total amount where it says "price per item." After sending payment, please email me with your birth information: full name, DOB M/D/Y, time of birth, and location of birth to


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