Week 1- Intro to Astrology- What is it and how can we can apply it to our daily lives? We will lay down with the foundation of this astrology course through exploring the Elements + Modalities with a focus on zodiac signs and archetypes. I will draw up a chart for each of you to use and follow along with and to interpret throughout this course. 


Week 2- Houses - this will be an in depth journey of the houses in both Exoteric and Esoteric Astrology. We will interpret house cusps and how each archetype plays out through these fields of life. 


Week 3- Planets & Luminaries- each of the planets have an urge and an energy signature that is uniquely expressed within us. We will examine their placements in our charts as well as introduce the Asteroids which govern the rise of the Divine Feminine. 


Week 4- Esoteric Planetary Rulerships  


Week 5- The Evolutionary Journey of each zodiac sign 


Week 6- Delineating soul mission, Life purpose, and Karma 

Week 7- Transits, Flow of Interpretation & how to hone in on your intuitive nudges for delineating the chart

Week 8- Lunar Progressions + Moon Phases 

Week 9- Aspects + Deeper flow of Interpretation of charts Emphasis on how to read for clients if you wish to head in that direction 


Week 10- Astrocartography, Exploratory questions, open discussions 

To know yourself is really the groundwork for this ascension process. Knowledge of your soul imprint is a profound tool for self discovery as we focus on archetypal and evolutionary astrology in this course. Collectively, we are navigating electric energies coming in, and astrology helps us adapt to the shifts we are experiencing. In these 10 weeks, we will deeply explore each of your charts, and delineate your soul mission, and life purpose. My goal is to empower you with esoteric knowledge into being your own guide and healer! 

This course is structured around meeting once a week for two hours with a break. This is perfectly designed for a small class, as I will use each of your charts as examples to learn from. I do offer this course on a one on one basis, however it will translate into 7 weeks instead of 10. Each class will be recorded and then emailed straight to your inbox for you to always have as reference. I look forward to diving deep with you!

Love, Dayna