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I was guided into astrology at a young age, but actively pursued it starting in 2016 when my ascension process began. My life started to change rapidly, and astrology provided the support I needed. Astrology is a powerful tool that bridges the gap between seen and unseen realms aiding in self discovery and healing. I believe that understanding our personal growth cycles can be a masterful way to navigate and give meaning to the human experience. Confusion dissipates when I reference the stars, never failing to reveal the answers I am seeking. Your astrological natal chart is a sacred map reflecting your timeless, ever expanding nature. It serves as a compass, sending you back home to you. My role is to empower you into becoming your own healer by illuminating the patterns you came here to shift, integrate and celebrate, so you can show up confident and embodied. My approach blends esoteric wisdom & intuitive guidance. I love to be of service by helping others gain clarity and align with their soul’s path. 



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