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Dark Night of the Soul + Progressed moon musings

In 2017 the way that I saw the world, people, and connected with my reality started to change immensely. It was as if a new filter had been placed over my psyche and colored my perception in a way that felt dark, obstructive, intense. I had entered my progressed moon in Scorpio. This was a time when I sought out many different Astrologers to make sense of what was happening to me. A wave of unconscious emotions started to flood my awareness and I learned many hard truths that compelled me to further dive into Astrology as a healing modality. I learned that the progressed moon was another layer, something that could not be seen in the chart alone. My natal moon in Virgo was shifting gears into a way that a Scorpio moon would function, changing my evolving emotional needs in a visceral way. In tandem with this passage I was also experiencing Saturn transiting my 12th house right after my Saturn return. As a Capricorn ascendant, this was felt as a complete Identity loss, everything I had identified with up until this point started to dissolve. I Sobered up. My body had always been sensitive but it was this point where my vessel rejected any form of substance. I needed to leave the city, it was too stimulating, and it did not feel safe as my senses heightened. I relocated and walked away from my job, people, places ,and things to travel into the deepest parts of myself that had not yet been explored. My encounter with the dark night of the soul catalyzed so much pain and growth all at once.

Up until this point I had only heard of this "dark night of the soul" from mentors and books, I never really knew what it meant until this process began. I collapsed and spiraled many times, it was hard to connect with anyone other than a mentor and If I shared what anything "too deep" I would be met with terror or a blank stare. I felt desperate to feel connected to what once provided nourishment, but a part of me knew there was no going back. Nothing outside of me could stop me from going under. A progressed Scorpio moon will pull you into the darkest waters, stripping you of all comforts and attachments to arrive at who you really are- a true ego death. Many people lose a loved one, divorce, change careers, have a major surgery, or start a family. Not everyone will experience such crisis or heartache but shadow work is a constant and your psyche won't really give you a break until the progressed moon enters Sagittarius- when the phoenix rises from her own ashes. Every lunar progression comes with lessons that are filtered through the sign and house its occupying. When in Scorpio, we face our deepest fears, and learn about our inner power because we ultimately survive it all. Pluto, known as Lord of the Underworld, rules Scorpio. An intimate journey with Pluto is completely transformative at the cellular level, leaving us forever changed. Pluto will take you to the depths of unexplored unconscious territory to expose masks, motives and mortality. Who are you without the persona you present to the outside, the relationship, career, or the material items you surround yourself with? The raw power of Pluto and Scorpio want you to remember your essence beyond this reality. Confronting the ego with these types of questions initiate an inner awakening...

Though this Lunar Progression is challenging and ripe with emotional upheaval, it is meant to be an empowering one. Releasing an outdated way of being puts us in the most vulnerable and uncertain place, we don't know what's on the other side until we make it through. On the outside it may appear as though your world is collapsing into the inferno. and maybe it is. Towards the end of this progression the shedding reaches completion, and the light returns. We begin to unfurl and blossom...slowly. We are reborn, tender, yet alive. Life itself is richly complex and fragile. Coming up for air, we may start to share the wisdom acquired during this profound time of deep sea diving! Scorpio does not do anything half way, plummeting into the unknown is how we retrieve our interior treasures.

I share all this not to put out a lower vibration, but to shine a light on something we as humans normally shy away from. This profound journey into self discovery, can be both enlivening and isolating. The parts of ourselves that we have fractioned off due to shame, blame, guilt or childhood trauma are fragments that carry our sacred gifts. A progressed moon in Scorpio can make us feel disintegrated because it catalyzes Soul Retrieval work, where we revive these lost parts and bring them back home.

I am grateful to reference astrology and the progressed moon because it gave me a tangible container to work with, including a time frame! If you are noticing something is shifting drastically in you and your world is caving in, you too might be experiencing a progressed moon in Scorpio. There are many way to work with this and Therapy, Astrology, Past life regression, and other healing modalities can be of great support. Because of these tools available, this passage was one of the most healing times of my life. It ended with me emptying myself fully to conceive, literally, my daughter Freya, who has completely changed my life for the better. I have a scorpio midheaven and the 10th house is connected to career, life calling, reputation, and parenthood.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign that has high psychic sensitivity and an affinity for the unseen. Associated with archetypes such as the Investigator & Shaman, Scorpio understands the necessary periodic death and rebirth cycles required for our personal growth and evolution, to endure a scorpio moon progression is to be initiated through a rite of passage, one of Renewal and Alchemy. Scorpio engages with darkness, teaching us that the only way out is through and the only thing that lives beyond impermanence is our soul. Nothing is ever truly lost, only transformed. ~


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