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Vernal Equinox and Aries Season

March 19th 2024 at 8:06 pm pst ushers in Aries Season and the Vernal Equinox. Aries is the first sign of the celestial year, and symbolizes the seed of consciousness that sparks new beginnings, activating pathways, motivating our spirit into action. The equinox promises a rush of renewal and excitement. New buds are forming, fragile shoots breaking ground - we see signs of life sprouting in all directions! Naturally, Aries reflects this energy of rebirth as the soul incarnates into the physical body and experiences the initiation of birth itself.  

Ruled by Mars, Aries is highly instinctual and driven. Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign, catalyzing the first step, setting projects into motion. Just start moving! Aries craves enthusiasm and independence. It’s the part of our psyche that feels headstrong + invokes our need to create direction by confronting stagnancy. Currently, the North Node is Conjunct Chiron in Aries which has been tender on our sense of self and core identity.  With all of the new life blooming it’s important to remember you can still move forward while in process of transformation. Allow yourself to emerge, just as you are. 

Associated with the archetypes of the warrior, leader, hero and light bearer, what is coming to life for you? What sparks inspiration? A new experience beckons. A new challenge to meet. Aries is our call to action. Perhaps your soul is ready to rise and set flame upon an adventurous journey. Aries reminds us to be human is to have desires, and those desires create an inner fire to stoke. Fire is our vitality, in essence, our will to live. 

The Vernal Equinox is a time for Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, but no matter where you are in the world, day and night are in equal measure- so its only fitting that the Eclipses would arrive on the Aries Libra axis, highlighting themes of self and other. Eclipses are profound turning points and Aries season brings two of them! A powerful Lunar eclipse is approaching on March 25th at 5 degree Libra. Here, we are reevaluating relationships of all kinds. As we arise with a new sense of self we may feel called to kindle new fires and let other ones die out. This Eclipse has a fated signature called a Yod also referred to as the finger of God with the focal point on the South node, a major release point in Astrology. The south node in Libra draws out shadow like relational patterns related to dynamics such as codependency, people pleasing, and martyr tendencies.

This eclipse could be pointing you in a certain direction to illuminate blindspots, serving as a balance checkpoint. The Sun in Aries has a powerful message to advocate for self, to take a stand. Sometimes, we have to tip our own scales in order to recalibrate to greater levels of harmony and equilibrium. On April 8th, we will experience a remarkable Total Solar Eclipse, also called a new moon Eclipse at 19 degree Aries. Look to the Aries part of your chart to see where your story is unfolding and undergoing a radical rebirth. You may have felt an inkling as to what is unfurling if you reference your life around the last Eclipse in Aries April 20th, 2023. Eclipses amp up our energy by setting something in motion. Eclipses can signal great change though they are not meant to be feared. The purpose of an Eclipse is to accelerate the path you are already on, and if it's not for your highest soul growth and evolution, you will be redirected in a way that feels compelling, yet true for you.


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