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New Moon in Gemini

new moons are powerful portals for manifestation and setting intentions and this one in Gemini feels like a breath of fresh air filling up our lungs with excitement~ broadcasting signaled information we need to receive to move forward on our path.

In taurus season we ground and root into our bodies, in Gemini we expand from our roots, like butterflies taking flight. sparked by a healthy inquisitive nature, and an urge to play and commune with the winds, we find ourselves soaring through the lighter realms of intellect.

mercurial ruled, she is conduit between worlds, a gateway bridge between the head and the heart, the swirling feels of exhileration between spring and summer...

storytelling, shapeshifting, magifying, this is her art…..

gemini’s thirst for knowledge and spontaneous movement allows her to flutter seamlessly between the vast and liminal spaces, integrating logic and intuition ~ where all truths exist

Her shadow is indecision, but her strength comes from blending and alchemizing oppositional forces until her desires manifest into creations.

several outlets bring her joy, teaching the art of expression through language, gliding upon the spiritual current of awareness, thoughts, concepts and relations

her wisdom teaches us to stay true ourselves, to honor our youth and innocence. When something is no longer aligned in her field, she trusts the expansive process of letting go, dancing effortlessly with change.

as we cross the threshold of this airy essence, remember to hold space for yourself~ show up fully and authentic. there’s always two choices, two pairs, two paths, two sides, or even two lovers~

choosing your reality is a gift, ultimately you are here to discover…it is you who is the creator. maybe you are experiencing a need to part ways, to cross into a new trajectory better tailored to your core.

the quest is never ending, it spirals and cycles above and below, your journey is unique, and there are endless dimensions to explore...

just as the butterfly emerges from the Chrysalis, she is eager and free inform the world of her harmonic presence.

we have arrived in a portal of new beginnings, an influx of light illuminates the never before traversed

bestow upon yourself the offering of a fresh new start. your wings are meant to shimmer and glimmer under the cosmic rays of curiosity

a master magician dwells within, simply converse with this internal knowing... listen to the sweet melody of your own voice, follow the inner sparkle. this is your personal guidance, the clarity you seek echoes in the cadence home to your kingdom, your heart. <3

Welcome to Anami
Dayna created Anami Therapy as her creative outlet that allows her to fully connect with her clients, mind - body - and soul. 
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