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New Moon Aries


We are now at new starting point of our souls journey on the spiral. This is our celestial new year, and a powerful one to set intentions. We instantly feel a shift from winter to spring as we notice new life forms of daffodils and plant life pop up all around us. We have finally arrived at a new beginning, another rebirth on the wheel of life. This energy is one of motion--a catalyst to break up old ways of being. Aries is our life spark that brings us into the "I am presence," unapologetic, and here to claim our souls desires.

Fire Purifies, and the initiating energy of aries brings us into a a deeper more authentic connection to our soul. We can’t bring our addictions, negative self talk, or emotional patterns forward. We have been working to heal the identity wound and dissolving away what takes us away from our personal sovereignty. Pioneering forward means integrating the old you.

This lunation is ruled by mars, who represents our personal armageddon between our higher and lower self. He’s currently in Gemini, which serves to bring balance in duality to our consciousness. Gemini energy is mutable, adaptable, and is of spirit. This new moon is a curious one as we explore new ways of doing things with a fresh perspective, grounding into what really serves our soul, and only seeking validation and harmony from within.

Aries rules the Sacral Chakra where we work with our inner warrior, self worth, and personal power. This is the chakra of our ego, our individuality, and knowing that you are worthy simply because you exist. Without a healthy solar plexus we find it can be hard to create a reality that is heart centered. (The heart chakra is above the solar plexus.) If the ego is too strong we can see that the external shapes our reality when we need to really be creating from our internal source. Fear often dominates this chakra so when we make decisions based off of fear instead of love we will not get the outcome we truly desire. When people know who they are from inside, they do not rely so much on the recognition and attention from others. They simply lead by living their truth of authenticity. It is usually then that they receive this profound recognition—funny how this plays out!

Feeling power and powerlessness has been a theme with the south node conjunct pluto. This is only a preview of a much talked about conjunction coming in Jan of 2020 that holds a strong revolutionary energy. As an aquarius, this gets me super excited as many are awakening to the truth and enslavement of the 3D matrix system. Simply allow what needs to fall away within you, as this echos out to the universe. We repeat what we do not repair. The cyclic nature of the moon serves as a guide to EXIT our own self perpetuating emotional loops. You are doing your part by courageously shifting within, as you are your greatest source of inspiration! Showing up for yourself is the hero’s journey.

Processing and purifying seems to be where many of us are, and that IS still considered “taking action” in moving forward to create your dreams! If you are unsure of your purpose and your path, start with walking away from what doesn’t serve you. Set yourself free form any constructs. This is purifying. Quiet the external, get comfortable and sit with yourself. Inward work is still very much connected to this aries energy. Its a practice of self Love. It brings you deeply into your heart.

Self love is the theme here in moving forward with our destiny, we simply cannot journey onward without this step integrated. This new moon in Aries supports you to do whatever it takes to get into this space. It may feel selfish, but the more you settle into it, you will recognize its the love you carry for yourself that allows for limitless possibility and potential.

Saturn’s square to this new moon provides an impetus for us to build anew slowly, and it will be at a level of perfection that suits your newly awakened identity. This energy brings in a major rush of impatience as we are always so excited to see the seed break the surface. Once it breaks, we must still nurture and attend to our newly sprouted self, celebrating every step of growth.

We still have Neptune, Mercury and Venus all in a Pisces trinity asking that we trust in what is aligning for us without the need to plan and bring the linear brain online. Hush the ego as it gets hungry and impatient when its not getting immediate results.

5D feels tricky as we receive glimpses of our future but never more than one or two steps ahead as we have to fully step into being the creator and constantly align to the vibration and energy we wish to attract. Eventually this levels out and we settle before another wave comes in.

Many are ready to act on taking the next steps on their dreams and many are still stripping away what isn’t them to become into a more alchemized state. Wherever you are, you are perfect in your experience. A big theme here in this celestial new year is knowing when to act and when to surrender and just be.

With Pluto conjunct the south node we’ve been experiencing parts of us not wanting to be seen come to the surface, this of course is also happening on a larger scale of the collapse of our 3d matrix system as we make way to rebuild a better foundation for ourselves. This is a profound time to be here on this jewel planet and we all accepted the call because this is why we are HERE!! We agreed to do this work collectively!

Look to your aries part of your chart to see where this lunation will trigger new seed activations, new beginnings, and initiations.

The capricorn area of your chart is where you are seeing old patterns fall away so new ones can be rebuilt- as Saturn is right behind this south node pluto conjunction. Capricorns, how are you doing loves? This has been a rough cosmic beatdown because we need you at the forefront of doing come 2020. Your personal ambition is morphing into having a collective ambition…working to build heaven on earth.

Consciously direct your energy to the north node in cancer wherever she is transiting in your chart. She is the headphones looking symbol. This is how you tune into your evolution, and nurture that aspect of your soul mansion to feel whole. The opposite energy of our soul is the exact remedy we need to feel whole. Remember this as a helpful guide when there is a concentrated focus of energy on one area of your chart.

The Pisces area of your chart is inviting you to simply believe in the unimaginable, creatively dream, play, and practice gratitude in the ever so small things in your every day. Remember your wishes that are soul aligned will serve you in the longevity of your manifestation.

Jupiter is still in his home sign of sagittarius so there is bound to be enormous movement and shifts happening. The more focus, and expansion you bring within-- perhaps to your lifestyle and perceptions-- expect to see that reflected back to you in the physical.

Tips for working with this energy:

*Work with the color yellow, as it is associated with the Sun, and rules the solar plexus. It gives off heat, lifts the spirit, and helps with healthy mental cognition. we are more than ready for this warmth! If you practice any rituals I recommend to recharge your crystals in this new birth of sunlight as it rules our consciousness. Try sitting in the light and practice some gentle sun gazing early in the morning or at dusk. This activates your pineal gland. Bring in fresh flowers from your supermarket to activate spring vibes into your awareness even if the weather isn't matching just yet. Drink water with lemon slices, visualize yourself drinking your dreams as they activate in your solar plexus.

Most importantly-- Plant some seeds. Even if you live in an apartment there are many ways to get creative. Start a small herb garden, Grow Kale, everyone needs more greens! As we evolve and awaken it is so important to bring attention to what we nourish our physical bodies with. The direct relationship we have with our food helps us in the relationship we have with ourselves. Self empowerment comes from knowledge of the basics. When we eat clean food, we feel clear, can access our psychic/intuitive abilities and can function at our best. Try cooking for yourself more, we infuse our energy into the food we eat, and we can then nourish ourselves at a whole new level of love.

If you are curious about how all these New moon + Celestial New year energies are uniquely affecting you, please book a transit reading, so we can discuss the personal expressions and guidance of your soul’s evolution.



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