March 19, 2020

Aries is the gateway into a new season, the birthplace of ideas, the seed of consciousness that sprouts new growth. As we collectively navigate tender times, the vernal equinox represents a time of bringing what’s been out of balance back into equilibrium, accelerating spiritual momentum, activating our inner warrior and place of personal power- our solar plexus.

As a cardinal fire sign operating solely off willpower, Aries serves as a beacon of warmth to break up the old and simultaneously initiate a new cycle. Many of us are experiencing a sincere awakening, a remembering of our forgotten wisdom and gifts, seeds implanted many lifetimes ago are re-emerging, coded with miraculous information designed for these times. 

The profound shift that occurs from Pisces to Aries season symbolizes the delicate journey of spirit incarnating into the physical body. Aries season is here to helps us ground into our human experience on this earth plane. Often depicted as...

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Dayna created Anami Therapy as her creative outlet that allows her to fully connect with her clients, mind - body - and soul. 
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