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Aries Season & Vernal Equinox

Aries is the gateway into a new season, the birthplace of ideas, the seed of consciousness that sprouts new growth. As we collectively navigate tender times, the vernal equinox represents a time of bringing what’s been out of balance back into equilibrium, accelerating spiritual momentum, activating our inner warrior and place of personal power- our solar plexus.

As a cardinal fire sign operating solely off willpower, Aries serves as a beacon of warmth to break up the old and simultaneously initiate a new cycle. Many of us are experiencing a sincere awakening, a remembering of our forgotten wisdom and gifts, seeds implanted many lifetimes ago are re-emerging, coded with miraculous information designed for these times. The profound shift that occurs from Pisces to Aries season symbolizes the delicate journey of spirit incarnating into the physical body. Aries season is here to helps us ground into our human experience on this earth plane. Often depicted as fearless, Aries musters up a type of strength that can only be found when you surrender to divine intelligence, allowing the gestation process to occur through you. With our global quarantine, our newly placed boundaries creates the welcomed impetus to dive deeper into what soul embodiment truly means for you.

Catalyzing opportunities are bound to present themselves as this is the gift willpower. Due to humanity's current state of overdoing and and overextending, we are being called to heal our masculine essence through the way we take action. No longer do we operate on a fully programmed plane of doing. Mars ♂ oversees this sign, igniting your courageous spirit to penetrate the world with the “I am presence.” We may feel compelled to keep moving, however the new, soul centered way to assert oneself is through taking INSPIRED ACTION, working with the call to act as it arrives, thrusting head first into what we love ~ guided solely by our intuition.

Spring generally heralds a time of new life and significant change. Collectively, we are witnessing a most significant rebirth of a new identity as we arrive into the new earth template. Purifying waves of solar power is ushering forth~ aiding in and amping up the dismantling of the old Saturnian matrix, along with the fears of pursuing your most profound yearnings. As the first sign of the zodiacal wheel, its instinct to survive promotes a raw and passionate feeling of taking a stance for what we believe in. What are your core values and identities? Perhaps now is your invitation to deepen your commitment in making the necessary changes to align more congruently with them... Archetypes that best resonate with Aries are : the leader, emperor, warrior, pioneer, trailblazer and HERO~ all of which embody the creative impulse of honoring momentous flow in acting upon your goals & aspirations. Aries breathes LIFE into our ideas and allows us to instinctively explore.. great leaps can be made as you will see clearly discovering the steps needed, eliminating procrastination, growing beyond self imposed limitations. Insight will be strong, a sheer knowing around how and when to assert yourself will appear effortless in your endeavors.

We can refine ourselves through this fire and chaos. Aries informs us how to power through dark times.. their intuition is uncanny, allowing them to just KNOW there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Many can feel uncertain as we are asked to cultivate faith & whole heartedly embark on the hero’s journey. No need to armor up, your piercing intuition is the highest weapon of choice. In these tender times your soul chose to experience, tap into your deepest resources ~ dare to forge a new path like a fountain of flames...Embody the hopeful change you wish to see. A convergence with your higher mind is taking place in honor of your remembrance.

You see darling, you are simply coming home to who you've always been. You are the one you have waited for..its been you all along. ♥️

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