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Libra Full Moon 18*

"Balance of Life" by Hans Valor

Navigating this global pandemic and created crisis has been a confusing time for the collective, yet there is something undeniably certain that we all feel, a deep knowingness that we are making monumental leaps in our evolution. . Let's not bypass the fact that we are extra tender, learning to manage heartache, as selected innocent souls have passed. make mistake--each of those beautiful beings serves a high role for the collective awakening. . The potency of this moon greets us at 18 degrees Libra. Serving as an agent of peace, this lunation is here to help stabilize our emotions, whether they are rooted in fear, devastation, uncertainty, or bliss. It feels as though great mother Gaia is holding a loving space for us to empty our imbalances. Libra reminds us that energetic clearing and emotional healing is found through the conscious act of choice ~ that we always have a choice after our scales are tipped to recalibrate and recenter in our vulnerability, remaining open and heart centered.

. Libra templates are best known as “love workers.” Their natural inclination is to simply give. Libra connects to archetype of the graceful lover, finding balance through intimate experiences with another. On an esoteric level, Libra represents the sacred union between the ego and the soul, which activates and occurs through companionship. It is here we do our deepest work, learning great value in contrast with another. As the medicine for each sign is found in its opposite, allow this moon to reflect you back into self awareness (Aries) by guiding you into a deep state compassion for yourself through these changes.


Many are just now exploring the terrain of their inner landscape for the first time, and it can feel challenging as we are naturally interdependent beings. When asked how you can personally contribute to the times we are in, seek answers through exploring how to cultivate more peace, awareness, and contentment to your internal world. We are being called to take responsibility for our wellbeing, to process the influx of overwhelming sensations, to integrate the fullness of whatever experience you may be having. When we tend to our inner garden, and replenish our inner well, we not only expand but we anchor in our authenticity, offering soothing frequencies of balance and harmony into the collective field. This truly is one of the highest forms of service we can provide for fellow peers & beloveds. . Venus in Gemini oversees this moon and she graciously bestows vibrations of loving inclusivity. The beauty in this experience is that even though we are physically distancing, we can find connected comfort in knowing we are all unified in this journey together, as this passage ultimately nourishes a rich sense of interconnectedness and fulfillment~

It's mindful to consider that everyone is currently doing the absolute best they can with the light that they have. There is no right or wrong way to release.

May you honor exactly where you are in this present moment by making peace with whatever emotions currently arise within...that is my full moon wish for you...

Sending Loving thoughts and prayers to each of you and all of humanity, Dayna

Art by Hans Valor // Instagram @hvalor

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