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Full Moon in Virgo 19°

Artist ~ Ida Rentoul

As we come to our final lunation of the celestial year, we arrive in a space of endings, new beginnings and total immersion of mind body spirit. Virgo is a purifying energy. she is often depicted as the archetypal wheat goddess sifting through seeds determining which ones she wants to nurture and devote herself to when it comes time to plant in Aries season.


sorting seeds organizing and discerning what is useful is just the medicine we need as we wrap up the dissolution of old identities & roles we once held. seeds are symbolic for pure potentiality & new growth as we decide what’s truly important in our lives and if it holds a proper supporting function into our personal trajectory. perhaps you feel you have to make a challenging decision that’s weighing on your heart. Heed that call and know that it’s possible to part ways with loving compassion and dignity.


we have reached a high cultivation point having experienced rapid acceleration, many changes and upgrades have occurred. cultivating faith and courage is our lesson. Virgo is the sign of harvest, and harvest follows trust, it does not follow control. we are learning to trust the mystery of life...surrendering to our soul’s plan, for it is far greater than we can imagine. opposing Neptune, this moon softens our divinity, reminding that the path your soul is calling you towards asks for a looser grip. divine intelligence is a remarkable force, weaving details behind the scenes that we just can’t see yet. Pisces teaches us to trust ~ we are always surrounded by this unseen force like a fish in water, just as your breath carries you.


Virgo is the vessel for your spirit, allow more of grace in by eliminating doubt, self sabotaging behaviors, treating your body with respect, striving towards self acceptance, balancing giving with receiving, work with play, allowing the natural ebbs and flows to sustain you. hand to heart, in deep reverence for all that has transpired~ you’ve merged deeper in communion with your higher self, let it inform all aspects of you and listen when it asks you to dwell more on the priceless treasures that you hold within.

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