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This post is for me to share books that I recommend~

One of the most important aspects for delineating the soul's purpose is found in the sign your North Node resides in. Each chapter is about 50 pages long, and it helps to converge the sign along with the house it occupies in your natal chart. "Astrology for the Soul," by Jan Spiller is my most favorite source thus far on the subject.

Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller

We have all twelve zodiac signs in our astrological blue print. Even if we do not have a planet in a particular sign, we can call upon its energy at certain times of our lives. Danielle Blackwood takes you on a deeply mystical yet practical journey through the sacred wheel providing ritualistic tools as to how to work with the guiding goddess archetypes in your every day life ~

The Twelve Faces of the Goddess by Danielle Blackwood

The "Essential" astrological book supporting all levels, especially for the one who is seeking a well rounded dive into the zodiac signs, houses, and overall chart interpretation.

Essential Astrology by Amy Herring

For a full on Kundalini activation through astrology, Barbara Hand Clow focuses on the lessons in self mastery regarding Saturn, and the transcendental planetary energies of Chiron and Uranus. This book is geared towards those who have already had their Saturn return and are seeking next level interpretations.

Astrology and the Rising of Kundalini by Barbara Hand Clow

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