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Taurus New Moon Horoscopes


This new moon in Taurus ignites themes of values, self esteem, body image, and self worth. Self love, and self care practices are most important now. Chiron’s recent entrance to your sign supports healing the identity wound. You’re radically shifting perspective on these matters and we all will follow your pioneering lead. New talents and gifts are surfacing into your very being- these are showing up to aid in carrying out your soul mission. Whatever you initiate now sets the groundwork for years to come. You might even take a radical departure from your career, as your purpose comes into focus. Connect to earth’s resources by planting new seeds, walking in nature. The core work you do now stabilizes your future self. Pay attention to what comes up for you as your senses are especially heightened this month. Taurus- This is your moon, dear Taurus! What an incredible lunation highlighting themes of self discovery as you radically reinvent who you are. You’re being asked to leave behind rigid belief systems, and structures to make room for all the new opportunities blessings, and abundance coming your way. Be open to change because this expansion is just beginning. Uranus, the great awakener, is supporting you for 7 years to come on personal empowerment, self improvement, and confidence. Your “I am presence” is profound and unshakable. Focus on how you present yourself to others--live and embody your truth fully. The spot light is on YOU, earth God's + Goddess'. Nourish your creations with love and patience, your actions inspire us to do the same. Gemini- You are ending a cycle with a creative, evolutionary beginning of the next. This new moon illuminates your subconscious with electric voltage downloads. Ingenious creations are likely to manifest as you deeply dive into the numinous beauty. Your challenge is to quiet the linear mind that likes to rationalize the unseen. Take time to withdrawal from stimulus - or recharge your soul by hanging with ones that can nurture you intimately. Surface convo and connection doesn’t seem to serve you anymore. The depth of your being is calling. Focus on spiritual expansion, pay attention to dreams, journal....the veil is especially thin for you so any guidance you need should come through symbolic structures and patterns, just remember to ask. Cancer-

Your dreams and visions get a jolt of excitement as you feel more confident about moving forward in sharing your gifts. These are your creative treasures the world wants to see. Heightened awareness of your mission draws potential futures that are sparkling with limitless possibilities. Set goals for yourself and know that nothing is too far fetched. A leadership position beckons as your confidence grows. You have much to teach us with an endless supply of love. Keep focusing on your inner alignment as this will magnetize you into connecting with your authentic star tribe and ultimately your destiny. Leo-

Your life calling is initiating you into purpose. There’s no better feeling as you deserve this spotlight for new endeavors and promotions. How do you want to be recognized on the world stage?! You’re ready to contribute in a new way. Your authentic magnetism fires up the minds of others. We need your magnanimous courage more than ever, this is your time to lead with your creative gifts. Follow your big heart as it activates the rest of us to wake up and passionately take charge of our destiny. The way you use your power is key, limit your egoic tendencies and remember self mastery is sitting on the inner throne, and it is at this pinnacle you receive the royal throne. Virgo- You are ready to switch up your sacred routine. Life asks you start doing things differently, out of order even! Your quest for the meaning of life is highlighted and your intuition is guiding you to dive deep into spiritual studies or a new subject entirely. A foreign country is calling your name as you yearn for cultural nuances. Expand your horizons by embracing a radical adventure with child like wonder. You heard the call, and this journey will enhance you further to be a channel of wisdom. Knowing the balance of being the student and the sorcerer, you are ready for the next level. Libra- You’ve been exploring the depths of intimacy for time, and your heightened awareness allows you to see right through the surface. Your desire to connect and merge with life is admirable as you dive deep into the core of your being. You’ve been healing for some time, as you self discover who you truly are. Be proud of yourself as you face your deepest challenges, and break out of the shackles that you’ve subconsciously chained yourself to. Your new skills and rituals are shaping you into becoming who you always wanted to be, the template you’ve been written for. Scorpio- The quality of your relationships is at the forefront for you. Do you feel your relationships represent who you truly are? Do your connections help further your life purpose? If you find that you have outgrown a certain relationship, give yourself permission to walk away. Honor the need to express your authentic self in your most intimate partnerships. If a trigger arises, remember to go within for processing and see what it’s trying to show you. Deeper work on yourself can magnetize the love you wish to merge with. Sagittarius- Your vessel is craving some care. As a naturally unstoppable force, you easily neglect all the hard work your body does for you to roam. Use this month for self improvement, strengthen your body mind connection using acupuncture, chakra balancing, and holistic remedies. Remember you have 4 bodies- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual (auric.) nurture all for a well rounded re-set and rejuvenation. Profound transformations occur on all levels when we clear processed foods, alcohol, sugar, and habits that deplete our energy. Committing to purifying this month opens portals of awareness to stepping into service in a new way. Capricorn- You have been under a cosmic make over all year, and this new moon supports a fun, creative twist to your path. You’re coming back to yourself, the self talk is no longer serving you. Death to the old, and resurrection of the new brings you to a fresh beginning. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to re-invent yourself so you can transform from the ambitious goat that never stops climbing —to the mystical unicorn that plays in all terrain. Say yes to spontaneous rendezvous as they unlock a portal for your next evolutionary step. Romance is highlighted, as you fall in love with life again. Challenge yourself to be bold, open up your heart, and bring your vulnerability forward. Aquarius- Radically shifting from within, Uranus is rattling the very core of your being! Themes of security, safety, and foundation are on your mind. How will you become grounded, centered, and rooted? As you vibrate into an unshakable center, you can freely express your uniqueness. Re rooting is not easy on the nervous system, and all you desire is to feel at home. You’ve been needing much solitude during this metamorphosis. Continue to honor the inner calling, it is here that much clarity comes to you. Focus on what family is to you so you can consciously manifest your next step. My advice is to be open to relocating, while honoring your authentic desires. There is a high chance your new "home" will present itself. Pisces-

Channeling gifts are at an all time high! Your super psychic powers are taking over and telepathic communication precedes verbal. Increased alertness with thoughts can cause a scattered mind, breath work is a great tool for focusing on the present moment. Be mindful not to take in useless information as you integrate your new senses. Remember, worrying is praying for what you do not want, shift your mindset to love and above! Devote yourself to creatively giving birth to a new project. Your urge to merge with the mystical feels complete when you nurture creation. Express thoughts and ideas in creative writing- these streams of flowing poetry heals all of us as your mind is electric and captivating.

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