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Uranus is King

Uranus ♅, my favorite planet, is conjunct the sun ️, ushering in flashes of clarity and sudden unexpected changes to get you out of your ruts.

The sun ☉ is our consciousness and represents our life path in the natal chart. Uranus is our intuitive mind, the higher octave of mercury. He’s the only planet that rotates on his side and opposite orbit of the others, overseeing aquarius. This mirrors our transition from carbon based dna to crystalline. His close orb to the sun brings us out of the fog bestowing many sparkly awakenings to all of us throughout the rest of April. If you are not attuned to Uranus’ energy, he disturbs the comforted, encouraging you to radically shift out of stagnation. Navigate your awakening with patience... by staying in alignment for what is true for you, while being completely open to receiving the new so that all can fall into place.

Many feel a heightened urge to depart from their current reality to step forth into their new purpose. Uranus, of course, fully supports this. We can expect to see shifts collectively over the next 7 years with all things Taureen; such as our Taurus ruled “house” in our astrological natal chart - to the money system, our values, the beauty industry, our food, and the earth herself. Taurus is the artisan, artist, gardener, farmer, master builder, mother, and provider. Uranus asks everyone to bring forward their unique creative gifts and authentic self expression to adapt, stabilize, and ground us through this passage of liberation.

🧡️ * astro tip- look to where you have Uranus transiting your natal chart to draw in where you will be experiencing these radical life changes! If you feel called to do so, book A transit reading so you can really connect with how this energy manifests with you specifically.

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