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new moon sagittarius dec 7

12:12 PM (1 hour ago)

image via spirit daughter

The new moon dec. 6th 11:20 pm. is the last new moon of 2018 and I am thrilled to share some insight on it. The summer of retrogrades has taken me further inward than I normally am, as I have been experiencing Saturn transit my 12th house, with pluto crossing my ascendant. This is a once in a lifetime transit that many do not experience in a single incarnation. This has been an identity death + loss of expression, only to become the phoenix rising from her own ashes. Many capricorns, and capricorn ascendants are going through this transit.

This new moon at 15 degree Sagittarius conjuncts jupiter, the ruler of this passage & squares Neptune conjunct Mars in Pisces. A square is an aspect between planets that passionately demand action; they represent conflict for change. Mars governs our drive and how we physically apply ourselves to our mission— he is a key player this lunation. Mars transit Pisces brings awareness by teaching the collective dreams are achievable if they are in line with our spirit over the ego. Jupiter, the planet of benevolence and truth is here to amplify your dream, your new purpose, at a new level of consciousness and energy renewal.

During December, we may experience delays. However, the purpose of these delays are to teach an important lesson—the ego interrupts intuition! Mercury will join Jupiter and the sun in an energy uplifting triad dec 12th. Use this time to get into your creative space. As slowly as the dream may develop, it is possible. this expansive sag energy is here to ignite! We are almost out of these retrogrades fully! Mercury in Scorpio clears his shadow Dec 24th 2018, which pulls us out of these mental depths we've been swimming in. (he retrogrades 3x a year, so we are more familiar with his cycles.) mercury retrograde is a time to honor softer forms of communication, and to quiet the external. we will finally have just uranus retrograde, which is going to aid in our forward motion. This summer really amplified inward processing considering there were 6 or 7 planets retrograde at a given time.

What is being asked during this time is that you stay fluid and trust that your dream is worthy, because you are worthy. This is the time to trust your intuition. With the collective destiny's nodal shift into cancer, nurturing our dream with discipline, surrendering to what we cannot control, all while staying fluid, is key. This may require you to make room, leave jobs, friends, and anything else that energetically pulls you from away your vision. You can't launch your arrow if you're afraid to take your stance. Intuition over logic in every moment--and this saggi season fully supports your aim! Sagittarius is on a quest for enlightenment and higher knowledge. the natural ruler of the 9th house in our charts is where we ask the question, what is the meaning of life? Sagittarius wants to find out through experience.

As we approach this energetic new moon, these visions become more clear as to what you desire to take action on. The recent full moon in gemini (nov. 22) had our minds busy collecting facts, asking questions, and evaluating from multiple perspectives. Sagittarius creatively inspires by taking action based on your information gathering. The heavy contrast of water (psychic ability) and fire (ignition) of this lunation asks that your inner archer settle into receptivity and stillness before launching the arrow (inspiration) into action.

If you would like to understand how these transits are affecting you personally, lets schedule a session. email me at

Light + love to you star seeds!

If you would like to understand how these transits are affecting you personally, lets schedule a session. email me at

Light + love to you star seeds!


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