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summer of retrogrades

reflection of thyself by monadoma

This is the summer of retrogrades. There have been 6 planets retrograde at any given time since May. We, as the collective feel retrogrades.

We are all being guided to go “in” to do some deep soul work, and that may look different form each individual to the next. Ultimately retrogrades ask us to take a closer look at all the things in our life that need re evaluation. Many of us are going through big life changes at this time-losing their identity- others feel like they are at a stand still while life passes them by--much like a void. wherever you are, honor it. It is absolutely okay to be feeling more inward, less vocal, and less social. My goal is to shed some insight on why this is happening.

"When a planet is retrograde, its energies are turned inward and becomes more subjective. The energy is slower manifesting in the external world, partly because the individual is experiencing thought more deeply about the energies involved." -

Many geniuses and leaders were born with retrograde planets in their natal chart. Much spiritual growth can take place through the overcoming of the difficulties involved with Retrograde planets.

It can be a little more difficult to live in this world that is full of generators and extroverts when you are a retrograde being. Retrograde beings naturally are more sensitive to peoples' energies, shifts in frequencies, and noises because they tend to have a higher sensory perception.

Regardless of where you are on this path, or if you label yourself an introvert or extrovert, this summer has been guiding us all inward. The energies are potent and they have been asking us all to tune into our selves and tune out the noise. This is crucial for healing, dealing with life changes, and connecting to your higher self. something I encourage every one to do is make time for meditation no matter how busy your life is.

If you were not born with many “retrograde planets” (you would see a little “rx next to the planet in your natal chart) then this may be an extra challenging time for you, since constant movement and communication can recharge your motor. ultimately, surrendering to a more quiet head space can lead to a greater understanding of yourself i.e. "leveling up."

For the movers and shakers who cannot just lay in a quiet setting... try sound healing meditation!

this is my recent discovery!! I am super excited about this! you can listen to music that is specially aligned with a certain hertz frequency that aligns with what you would like to invite in.

i.e.- If you are struggling with a relationship, find a youtube meditation by searching “639 hertz” and you will see numerous videos to choose form. pick one that you are drawn to, don’t over think this too much. set your intention, relax, or just keep it on while reading, journaling, sleeping etc.

Each heavenly body is unique and holds its own energy signature. just as they were in a specific degree, sign, and house in your chart upon birth, they transit each of our charts differently creating a unique story for all of us. I recommend getting a reading to understand how the transits affect you personally.

MERCURY- governs the mind, channeling, downloads, electronics, and how we communicate

rx since July 11th -

although it just went direct three days ago, we are not fully out of the shadow period..

this can make people feel really jumbled up with any sort of communication. the best thing to do would be to find a creative outlet that involves non verbal communication. listen to instrumental music, read, painting, drawing, cooking, give the phone a serious break..

MARS- governs the physical body, movement, assertion, and drive-

rx since may 12th- fully direct oct. 8th

allow yourself to get plenty of sleep, take naps without guilt, may notice a decrease in wanting to partake in physical activity, take walks in nature over vigorous workouts (make it happen!) eat alkaline foods, avoid sugar and processed anything. treat you body like a temple.

URANUS- is the great liberator, governs spiritual truth, rules individuality, flashes of insight, electricity - rx since aug. 7-direct jan. 6th

practice self love, stay authentic to your true self, practice healthy mind habit: stop comparing yourself to others, know that you and everyone is unique for a reason, speak your truth. dream journal there are always messages for you coming through dreams.

CHIRON- the wounded healer, the key to yourself

rx since july 4-direct dec. 9

Chiron is the beautiful yet painful energy of your wounds that need healing. the wound is your deepest pain but also your greatest gift. we can help heal others once we “heal” ourselves. Chiron helps us navigate to self mastery. Everyone has wounds, and they empower us the more we identity and heal what they are. I encourage shifting perspective from being “victim” to the empowered warrior or goddess. This journey of becoming empowered from past wounds takes patience and time, you have to feel it to heal it.

NEPTUNE- divinity, subconscious intuition, spiritual gifts, connection to source-

rx since june 18 -direct nov. 24

neptune wants you to unveil and to seek spiritual growth. you can use astrology as a tool to help navigate energies you can’t figure out. Listen to your insights that come to you “out of the blue.” put boundaries in place for yourself, and allow yourself to be in the space for “taking a pause.” play beautiful, uplifting music, meditate, dream journal, take baths, learn to trust your intuition, you are your own guide.

SATURN- rules self discipline, structure, wisdom, responsibility

rx since april 17- direct sept. 6

saturn can make us feel limited, or resistant to themes until we learn self mastery and discipline. saturn helps us understand our greatest feats and lessons need to be achieved with time and dedication. Diamonds are formed from intense pressure, heat and time. Think of saturn retrograde as a period that helps you create your own personal diamonds. still make time to play and have fun, this rx period is not all about limiting yourself!

PLUTO- the great destroyer, transformer, governs death + rebirth

rx since april 22 -direct sept. 30

allow that part of your life or self to fall away with as little resistance as possible. pluto likes to teach us about ego death. there is a reason this part of you is leaving. It is to make room for something that aligns with your highest good. (*this is especially true for capricorns + capricorn rising at this time since pluto is retrograde on your identity.) trust that saturn-- the ultimate builder-- is right behind planning to build you up in ways you may never thought were possible. surrender to the process of transformation.

its okay to honor wherever you may be at this time, don't think that anything is wrong with you, just know it is okay not to have all the answers. You ARE doing your part in bringing us closer to unity consciousness by exploring and healing yourself. mid october will bring a very positive forward moving momentum, until then, may these retrogrades energies serve your inner genius.

with love-


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