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Full Flower Moon in Scorpio

May 7, 2020

Full moons create a dynamic interplay between oppositional forces inviting us to unify and integrate all aspects of self. Scorpio and Taurus are both the medicine for each other, each harness and sustain energies. Earth provides safety and structure while water softens the crevices, healing our wounds. This lunar passage offers a great deal of support in flowing with the undercurrents & breaking down resistance to change.


full moons always signify a time of release. sinking deeper into Scorpio’s waters cuts through the binding patterns so we can ease into navigating our shadow, source the origin of pain, and transmute outgrown aspects of self...ultimately giving birth to new desired expressions.


Scorpio’s power comes from facing fears head on, she directly penetrates to the core of life’s mysteries ~ purifying and illuminating the depths of our psyche, allowing us to see things from a new perspective. Shedding the old and outdated is part of our cyclical nature, much like a snake that sheds its skin in order to reveal more of who we truly are. Scorpio often connects to death, decay, rebirth and regeneration. embracing the high highs and the low lows, she innately understands that new life can not willingly take form unless we allow ourselves to be transformed.


grief is also part of the rebirthing process, so honor and celebrate your transition. rest and resurface when you are ready. 🖤 remember, nothing is ever truly lost. the building energies of Taurus promises a repurposed portal of expansion grounding us deeper into our human experience. trust that what you release now serves your highest alignment & will be replaced by something more beneficial. as we prep for retrograde season, Mother Nature reminds us to work at our own pace guided by our own natural rhythm.


every flower must grow through dirt, divinely orchestrated to blossom in their own time provided with proper nourishment and care. allow yourself to dig deeply into the richness of your being. earth combined with water fertilizes and manifest miracles~ 


simply root into devotion. 🖤


Art by @ Nike Fashion ♥️

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