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Taurus New Moon May 4th 2019

New Moon Taurus 14 Degrees May 4th 3:45 PCT

Connected to the Empress Tarot Card + Beltane where spring is at her peak- a very fertile time of the year to manifest in the physical.

"The soil is rich and if tended carefully and thoughtfully, the harvest will be abundant." - The fountain Tarot.

New moons are always about intentions and this one we are journeying through is an exciting change of pace.

This sun moon conjunction at 14, 14 breaks down to a 55 —vibrating change. Our lunation △'s Saturn, Pluto and the South Node ☋ all in Capricorn. Faith and trust are key here as this aspect between the elimination of the old and building of the new are in perfect harmony.


Neptune’s fog may influence us still as there is a square he’s making to Mars in Gemini. We want to take action, see our visions manifest in the physical, but we haven’t quite got our bearings yet. Venus in Aries guides us into a self love practice to ground us firmly in this energy. She nurtures us to begin what there is to begin.


Taurus is the sensual earth mother who stands strong in her values, self worth, and self esteem. Her practicality comes from her direct connection to the earth plane. She is the one enjoys a beautiful ambiance where each of her senses is delighted. She most likely gardens, loves plant based medicines, and enjoys the softer side of life. She works hard, and is a master when it comes to creating the stability, structure, and abundance of the tangible. She’s the ultimate mother, nurturing her visual creations thoughtfully. She is not afraid to apply herself steadily and patiently to see her desired growth blossom over time. Her practicality is refreshing as we ground from the ethereal--although her biggest lesson is to overcome inertia, to fuse matter with spirit. As Uranus influences this immense change we do see Taurus show up in a new way! She asks us to loosen our attachment to the material possessions, and the 55 vibration asks you keep an open mind to the new opportunities presenting to you. Letting go of the old, looking forward to the new, all while honoring exactly where you are is how our inner earth goddess comes in to harmonize. Each of us are equipped to bring forth this archetype.

In order to build anew, focus on what you already have, your goddess given gifts. What are your skills that you can apply to start laying groundwork for your vision? Trust that what you apply yourself to —even at ground zero will be perfect as long as you loosen your grip entirely. I know this is a complete paradox, but what you create now may be slow and steadfast to develop as these new desires come from your soul. These are the very new pillars of our future.

In many ways, this feels like a mourning of the old, as we watch the entirety of the 3D matrix system collapse. Some hard truths are coming out on the micro and macro level are aiding us in enlightening revelations. Many are grieving leaving behind all that has brought you to this point. It's crucial to honor this releasing process. Each step is so important for integration. Bring yourself into gratitude whenever you feel the self -perpetual loop ignite of “not having.” The ego wants immediate results, and we are creating from a soul alignment. This is a new space to operate from, so its normal to feel doubt. Taurus reminds us of patience - it is the journey we are to embrace, not the destination. Our 3D mind likes to play tricks on us and say “When I’m here, I’ll finally be happy.” This is a false summit as we have learned life is a spiral and we endlessly climb. It is when we fall of the mountain cliff that we discover we can swim the depths of the ocean and fly! There is no terrain we cannot conquer.

Shift your focus to gratitude. Thank the simplicity of your surroundings. Thank your senses for being able to taste amazing food, smell heavenly flowers in bloom. What if we celebrate that this deep dive into the underworld of our soul helps us come out and soar with that much height, and LIGHT, grander then ever before? What if we start looking at our shortcomings as blessings that our higher self is navigating for us?

This new moon is grounding and supports us physically creating. With fertile soil, May is the month to start seeing our manifestions take form. Start bringing your passions forward that you may have suppressed for however long... these are your forsaken gifts. Higher dimensional living requires more imagination and visualization than ever before. Now is a supported time to act! REMEMBER- You have the template inside of you to do exactly what you wish, otherwise you wouldn’t have a longing for this.

Fear and perceived limitations are the linear mind’s way of making us believe we aren’t worthy of the beautiful gift that’s emerging through this work. As intense as this passage has been, let’s not forget the north node in cancer ☊ anchors our collective destiny in the uprise of our divine feminine nature. The new earth reality is HERE! We are doing this together brothers and sisters. Our crystalline light body has been merging with our physical, magnetically attracting what is meant for us to simply come forth into our reality. We just need to be open to receive, give yourself this permission. We have been healing the wound around nurturing our own inner child to feel worthy of manifesting our dreams. We’ve been programmed our creative gifts wont provide. This is what we are working on- mothering our innocence and purity of what really brings us joy, to self validate without apology.

As we learn to give to ourselves what we’ve always wanted from another, we quantum leap into a healthy world of relationships. We see all of our connections strengthen as we heal internally. The triggers subside, and we can see the inner child in everyone as we engage.

Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto retrograde are deeply supporting your inner expansion, building new structures, and overall transformation. Theres a magnificence cultivating here. Inner work is the magnetic force that brings exactly what you need to you. This process is here to support the ones who are awaiting a love connection or union with their twin flame. Our Love channel flows more freely when we have a solid self love practice integrated into your being.

Our ego wants immediate answers but that is not how this energy works. Your beliefs + values are being challenged all while being initiated into purpose. We feel this activation to move forward as if there is no other choice. This knowing comes straight from your higher self- and is always available to you.

Taurus isn’t crazy about change, as she is a creature of comfort. However, we stabilize when we surrender to change. When fixed energy decides to step forth into the new, the results are surprisingly pleasant. Alignment comes when you deeply commit to yourself. Commit to doing something you love for a little bit each day. If you are not yet clear on what that is, connect in gaia’s world- plant flowers, an herb garden, all these things can be done anywhere —even in apartment living. Suddenly you are creating more and more and all of this joy comes pouring in. Working with different types of energies can be portals to clarity we wish to have in command. Find comfort in knowing a new form of stability is in the works. Navigate change by bringing your awareness to the present moment. Acknowledge your heightened senses as we discover new growth all around us. Come back to self love in testy moments, avoid judging others, repeat loving mantras, and focus on creation.

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