May 22, 2020

new moons are powerful portals for manifestation and setting intentions and this one in Gemini feels like a breath of fresh air filling up our lungs with excitement~  broadcasting signaled information we need to receive to move forward on our path. 

In taurus season we ground and root into our bodies, in Gemini we expand from our roots, like butterflies taking flight. sparked by a healthy inquisitive nature, and an urge to play and commune with the winds, we find ourselves soaring through the lighter realms of intellect. 

mercurial ruled, she is conduit between worlds, a gateway bridge between the head and the heart, the swirling feels of exhileration between spring and summer...

storytelling, shapeshifting, magifying, this is her art…..

gemini’s thirst for knowledge and spontaneous movement allows her to flutter seamlessly between the vast and liminal spaces, integrating logic and intuition ~ where all truths exist 

Her shadow is indecision, but...

April 4, 2019

We are now at new starting point of our souls journey on the spiral. This is our celestial new year, and a powerful one to set intentions. We instantly feel a shift from winter to spring as we notice new life forms of daffodils and plant life pop up all around us. We have finally arrived at a new beginning, another rebirth on the wheel of life. This energy is one of motion--a catalyst to break up old ways of being. Aries is our life spark that brings us into the "I am presence," unapologetic, and here to claim our souls desires. 

Fire Purifies, and the initiating energy of aries brings us into a a deeper more authentic connection to our soul. We can’t bring our addictions, negative self talk, or emotional patterns forward. We have been working to heal the identity wound and dissolving away what takes us away from our personal sovereignty. Pioneering forward means integrating the old you. 

This lunation is ruled by mars, who represents our personal armageddon between our higher and lower...

December 5, 2018

12:12 PM (1 hour ago)

The new moon dec. 6th 11:20 pm. is the last new moon of 2018 and I am thrilled to share some insight on it. The summer of retrogrades has taken me further inward than I normally am, as I have been experiencing Saturn transit my 12th house, with pluto crossing my ascendant. This is a once in a lifetime transit that many do not experience in a single incarnation. This has been an identity death + loss of expression, only to become the phoenix rising from her own ashes. Many capricorns, and capricorn ascendants are going through this transit. 

This new moon at 15 degree Sagittarius conjuncts jupiter, the ruler of this passage & squares Neptune conjunct Mars in Pisces. A square is an aspect between planets that passionately demand action; they represent conflict for change. Mars governs our drive and how we physically apply ourselves to our mission— he is a key player this lunation. Mars transit Pisces brings awareness by teaching the collective drea...

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