May 22, 2020

new moons are powerful portals for manifestation and setting intentions and this one in Gemini feels like a breath of fresh air filling up our lungs with excitement~  broadcasting signaled information we need to receive to move forward on our path. 

In taurus season we ground and root into our bodies, in Gemini we expand from our roots, like butterflies taking flight. sparked by a healthy inquisitive nature, and an urge to play and commune with the winds, we find ourselves soaring through the lighter realms of intellect. 

mercurial ruled, she is conduit between worlds, a gateway bridge between the head and the heart, the swirling feels of exhileration between spring and summer...

storytelling, shapeshifting, magifying, this is her art…..

gemini’s thirst for knowledge and spontaneous movement allows her to flutter seamlessly between the vast and liminal spaces, integrating logic and intuition ~ where all truths exist 

Her shadow is indecision, but...

May 7, 2020

Full moons create a dynamic interplay between oppositional forces inviting us to unify and integrate all aspects of self. Scorpio and Taurus are both the medicine for each other, each harness and sustain energies. Earth provides safety and structure while water softens the crevices, healing our wounds. This lunar passage offers a great deal of support in flowing with the undercurrents & breaking down resistance to change.


full moons always signify a time of release. sinking deeper into Scorpio’s waters cuts through the binding patterns so we can ease into navigating our shadow, source the origin of pain, and transmute outgrown aspects of self...ultimately giving birth to new desired expressions.


Scorpio’s power comes from facing fears head on, she directly penetrates to the core of life’s mysteries ~ purifying and illuminating the depths of our psyche, allowing us to see things from a new perspective. Shedding the old and outdated is part of our cyclical nature, much like a snake that...

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Dayna created Anami Therapy as her creative outlet that allows her to fully connect with her clients, mind - body - and soul. 
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